Selena Gomez Receives A Record Number Of ‘Likes’ For A Very Surprising Photo

In a recent post, Selena Gomez showed her face without a scrap of makeup and this photo quickly went viral.

On 8th October this year, singer Selena Gomez surprised the internet when she posted a rather unusual photo. Although we are used to seeing her looking perfect with impeccable makeup, in this photo, she showed her face without a scrap of makeup on.

Very active on social media sites, Selena Gomez posts several photos on Instagram a week. Because her followers are very used to seeing photos of her posing on the red carpet at big events, backstage on film sets or even just hanging out with her friends, this is the very first time that all lot of her fans may be seeing the young singer 'o-natural'.

Without any makeup and looking completely natural Selena Gomez posted this selfie of her lying in bed wrapped up in a blanket. With unkempt hair, the star wasn’t wearing any makeup and so you could see her little imperfections.

In the photo’s caption, the beautiful brunette wrote:

‘Me, all the time’

With this unique snapshot, Justin Bieber’s ex showed her 157 million followers that despite being a celebrity, she is still just a normal woman and she doesn’t have to be dressed impeccably every day.

Due to her immense online popularity, her photo received more than 8 million ‘likes’ which is a record number for such a spontaneous photo. In the comments, several fans mentioned that her sadness could be due to the fact that her ex, Justin Bieber, recently got married to Hailey Baldwin.

Others preferred not to make guesses about why she might be sad, but instead made comments about her natural beauty. So, what do you think?

Selena Gomez Shows Her Imperfections In An Un-Retouched Photo Selena Gomez Shows Her Imperfections In An Un-Retouched Photo