Recent Photos Of Aaron Carter In The ER Show Just How Skinny He Has Become
Recent Photos Of Aaron Carter In The ER Show Just How Skinny He Has Become
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Recent Photos Of Aaron Carter In The ER Show Just How Skinny He Has Become

Things seemed to have calmed down for Aaron Carter over recent years but now he is back in the headlines. However, this time it’s for quite a worrying reason: The pop star has lost 20 pounds and is currently being treated in the emergency room.

Former teenage heartthrob Aaron Carter began his career when he was just 9 years old. At the time, his brother Nick Carter had already made quite a splash in the music business with his career as a Backstreet Boy. For quite a while, there has been radio silence between the two brothers and things seem to have calmed down a lot for the two former teenage heartthrobs. And yet, we still occasionally receive news about Aaron such as about the giant tattoo he now has on his face or his recent diagnosis with schizophrenia. And now there’s this.

Aaron weighs just 52kg (8.2 stone)

Aaron Carter’s mother told TMZ that Aaron had lost 20 kilos. Instead of weighing 72kg as he did in his healthier years, he currently weighs just 52kg. His condition and appearance worried his mother so much that she decided to immediately take Aaron to the ER.

He is currently being examined in the hospital but nothing conclusive has been revealed as of yet. But Aaron’s appearance alone is enough to alert you to the fact that something is wrong.

Photos from the hospital

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Mommas gonna take care of you

A post shared by Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter) on

A photo taken in the ER, which Aaron shared himself on his Instagram profile, shows him looking exhausted and with very dark, heavy eyes. However, the caption he wrote under the photo has a glimmer of hope: ‘Mommas gonna take care of you.’

‘Aaron Carter has really worried his fans by posting this photo.’

His numerous followers have been quite worried and anxious about his current condition.

‘Omg Aaron, what happened? Take care of yourself,’ wrote marievonharmonie. As if to reassure his fans, Aaron posted a second photo from inside the ER just a few hours later which shows that he doesn’t just have his mother and fans by his side:

‘These four cute dogs will certainly be comforting Aaron just as much as his followers and their encouraging messages.’

Recently, Aaron appeared on US television and revealed that he suffers from schizophrenia. Even the Zoff family seem to be worrying non-stop about him. His current ER visit is a new low for him, but at least he is lucky enough to have his mother and four-legged companions by his side during this difficult time.

By Lindsay Wilson

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