Protest On The Red Carpet: Kristen Stewart Sets Out To Break Female Stereotypes

Protest On The Red Carpet: Kristen Stewart Sets Out To Break Female Stereotypes

During an event organised to promote her new film Charlie’s Angels in London, Kristen Stewart decided to do something a bit different in order to break away from the clichés and standards imposed on females on the red carpet. And this wasn’t her first protest.

Once isn’t enough. Kristen Stewart decided to once again stand up to the stereotypes and clichés imposed on women by society nowadays, such as that they have to wear high heels. Just like flight attendants, who are no longer forced to wear high heels at work, the actress decided to take hers off for the red carpet.

Barefoot to combat social standards

In her new movie Charlie’s Angels, the 29-year-old plays the role of Sabrina Wilson. During an event organised to promote this new film, Kristen Stewart decided not to appear on the red carpet in a pair of heels as social convention dictates, but in a pair of Nike Cortez instead.

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In her beautiful dress designed by Thom Browne, Kristen Stewart, who became a superstar ten years ago following her success in the Twilight saga, posed for the photographers. But her shoes weren’t exactly conventional since she had opted for sneakers to match her glittery dress instead – which strongly reminds us of the 2018 Film Festival in Cannes when she appeared on the runway and climbed the famous staircase barefoot instead of wearing heels.

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Her feminist battle

Through this protest, she was campaigning and fighting for women who weren’t even allowed to step foot on the steps unless they were wearing heels. In 2017, the actress admitted in an interview with magazine Harper’s Bazaar that she had always been a bit of a tomboy.

When she was younger, she realised being a ‘tomboy’ was ‘not the most normal thing.’ She said: ‘Not all little girls are that way. And it actually really hurt my feelings, like badly.’ This could even be the main reason that she decided to engage in her battle for

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