Priya Gopaldas ‘keeps things kind’ in response to troll

Love Island 2021 star Priya Gopaldas has shared her response to a troll who called her ‘disgusting.’

While Love Island is one of the most popular shows on TV, it unfortunately seems to have attracted more and more online trolls who attack contestants in nasty messages that are often misogynistic or racist in nature. This week, 2021 Islander Priya Gopaldas received a stream of abuse from a troll who called her ‘disgusting to look at.’

Priya’s response to trolling

Priya decided to take the high road in her response to the troll, writing a message back which read:

Hey Kiara, looking at your Instagram you're clearly a beautiful girl! As women we should support each other and instead of body shaming we should try to stay kind. I love my body because it allows me to run far and be strong.

She continued:

Sometimes criticism like that can be damaging to a woman's confidence and make them feel like they need to change themselves with surgery or by eating badly when actually we're all uniquely beautiful. Hope you have an insightful bank holiday.

Priya then shared her response to her social media followers, telling them it was ‘the first and last time’ she would respond to trolling and negativity. Although the story has now disappeared, fans have been commenting their praise for her response on her main Insta grid, with Priya responding ‘keeping things kind is the best way bring about change.’

Priya donates Love Island fee

Meanwhile, Priya has also been praised by fans after she revealed she donated her entire fee for appearing on Love Island to charity. The 5th year medical student revealed that she was paid £750 for her week-long villa appearance and gave the whole lot to NHS Charities.

Priya Gopaldas: This is what the Love Islander is up to now Priya Gopaldas: This is what the Love Islander is up to now