Pregnant Ashley Graham Reveals Her Naked Body In This Video

Pregnant Ashley Graham Reveals Her Naked Body In This Video

"Body Positive" ambassador Ashley Graham unapologetically shows off her pregnant curves.

Last August, model Ashley Graham shared some life-changing news with her community of 9.2 million followers. In a very touching video of herself and her husband Justin Ervin, the supermodel announced that she was pregnant.

Since then, Ashley Graham has consistently been flaunting her future mom-curves in her Instagram posts. She recently posed alongside Emily Ratajkowski in a bodycon dress to promote Emrata's brand.

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Ashley Graham hanging out with Emily Ratajkowski

Whether she's in her underwear or in a swimsuit, Ashley Graham is not afraid to show off her changing body.

On Tuesday, October 8, the 31-year-old shared a naked video. In her post's caption, the model wrote:

Getting bigger and bigger and trying to embrace my new body everyday (sic). It's a journey and I'm so thankful to have such a supportive community.

Through these images, the "plus-size" model wanted to show that she accepts and embraces her body, flaws and all. She shamelessly zoomed in on her belly, her hips and her chest, revealing her stretch marks.

This positive body approach was widely praised by her followers in the comments section. Celebrities, friends and strangers alike pointed out how beautiful she is.

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