Olivia Bowen: Ex-Islander admits pregnancy is 'quite overwhelming'

Olivia Bowen has opened up about the realities of pregnancy and has admitted to feeling as though she is 'mourning' the girl she used to be.

In a candid interview with Mirror Online, the 28-year-old former Islander has come clean about how she really feels about her pregnancy.

'Your life is going to change quite dramatically'

The mother-to-be has expressed immense joy at the thought of bringing new life with partner Alex but has admitted that the pregnancy itself has not always been easy. Comparing and contrasting her time on Love Island back in 2016—widely regarded as one of the explosive series in the history of the show—and who she is today on the cusp of motherhood, Bowen said:

I think it is realising your life is going to change quite dramatically and I'm sort of mourning the person that you're leaving behind a little bit. That's how it feels to me. I'm going into this new life and mourning the girl I was before. It is just a strange feeling, it's not a horrible feeling. It is quite overwhelming.

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Adjusting to her growing baby bump

She went on to explain that, even just on the physical level, the changes have been so shocking that she has had to learn to readapt completely and learn to navigate the world with her new body. She said:

I just felt suddenly my bump had completely grown and trying to roll out of bed is not easy. I can't even pick up anything off the floor. It's just been quite hard to get my head around not being able to do what I usually do.

And added:

I'm a very headstrong person, I like to go out and do what I want but obviously you have to be in mind that you have a little baby in there that is reliant on you so you do have to stop doing certain things.
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