Molly-Mae Reveals Tommy Told Huge Lie on Their First Date
Molly-Mae Reveals Tommy Told Huge Lie on Their First Date
Molly-Mae Reveals Tommy Told Huge Lie on Their First Date
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Molly-Mae reveals Tommy told huge life on their first date

By Lola Bee

Molly-Mae Hague has revealed that her boyfriend Tommy Fury told her one huge lie when they first met.

They may be the longest-lasting couple from Love Island 2019, but Molly-Mae Hague has revealed that Tommy Fury told her a whopper when they first met in the villa. During their first hot tub date, Tommy assured the influencer:

I'm a good cook in the morning, might have to cook you a little omelette.

Tommy Fury’s lie to Molly-Mae

Taking to her Instagram Story, Molly-Mae shared the clip with her fans and wrote: ‘

Might have to cook you a little omlette’ PLEASE TOMMY The biggest lie I have ever, ever heard. This absolutely kills me because he can barely use a microwave but I actually believed him hahahaha.

It seems like neither of the couple are exactly kitchen whizzes as Molly-Mae previously got roasted on Twitter for proudly serving up a very bland-looking chicken dinner to Tommy. The boxer seemed to like it though and insisted it was ‘a fighters meal clean cut food’ and that he doesn’t ‘like seasoning or any of that.’

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae relationship

Despite Tommy’s little white lie and his apparent lack of cooking skills, the couple are still going strong over a year and a half after they first met on Love Island. They are the only series 5 couple to have gone the distance, although Chris and Maura—who met but didn’t couple up on the same series—are now together too.

Tommy and Molly-Mae’s relationship seems to have gone from strength to strength since they left the villa. They have been living together in Manchester since September 2019 and are on the hunt for a house to buy. They’ve even discussed their plans to start a family together many times.

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