Maura shares a video that proves she definitely isn't over her breakup with ex-boyfriend Curtis

Former islanders Maura and Curtis recently split after cheating rumours and it's safe to say their split hasn't been the most amicable of the Love Island breakups. It appears things are getting even messier...

We can always count on social media to keep us entertained during difficult times! Out of the recent quarantine measures enacted by the UK government to combat the spread of coronavirus, #lockdownchallenge has emerged and some of our faves from past series of Love Island are taking part!

2019 Islander and Dancing on Ice star Maura Higgins, like many others, took to Instagram to take part in #lockdowchallenge, and she used it as an opportunity to make a pretty savage dig at her ex-boyfriend Curtis Pritchard. Despite leaving the villa together, they didn't survive long after rumours of Curtis cheating with a professional dancer - who performs with on his live tour - started circulating.

Higgins recently shared a video with her fans on Instagram stories for the #lockdownchallenge as she took an electric toothbrush to the inside of her toilet. It appears the toothbrush was actually Curtis'! She said:

This is what happens when you f*** a girl over, hmmm, nice toothbrush.

And captioned the snap:

Too all the f***boys (oops).

It's not the first time the pair have made subtle digs at each other. Recently, Maura took to her Instagram after their split to share this message:

A strong women never gives up on herself, but she may give up on you.

While Curtis shared a snap of his family with this caption:

I can always rely on mum and dad to support me and tell the truth....

The shade never ends...

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