Love Island finalists reunite for first post-quarantine dates

The top three couples of Love Island 2021 have been reunited after quarantining apart on their returns to the UK.

It’s now been a week and a half since the Love Island 2021 final and this year’s return to the UK has been a little different for the Islanders. While usually they would have been making countless TV appearances and getting on the club circuit for PAs, this year they’ve been whisked straight into self-isolation.

This also meant they were separated from their other halves for the first time in weeks as they returned to their home towns to self-isolate. Now their quarantine period is up and Millie and Liam, Teddy and Faye, and Chloe and Toby have all been reunited. So what did they get up to on their first real-world dates?

Millie and Liam back together

Love Island 2021 winners Millie and Liam met up in East London for cocktails in an outdoor bar. A camera crew was on hand to film their emotional reunion. Millie looked incredible in baggy ripped jeans and a black cropped shirt while Liam was suave in a tan shirt and cream chinos.

Chloe and Toby reunited

Runners-up Chloe and Toby opted to have their first date after being reunited at Nando’s, where they seemed to enjoy the food almost as much as each other’s company. After eating, they went on to Bounce cocktail bar where they enjoyed a game of ping pong along with their bevs.

Faye and Teddy together again

Third-placed couple Faye and Teddy probably had the cutest reunion of all as Teddy surprised Faye by showing up on her doorstep at 1 in the morning. Teddy was video-calling Faye when he told her to come to the door—where she screamed in delight as she found him waiting there for her.

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