Liam Reardon announces surprising career move

Love Island 2021 winner Liam Reardon is set to start a new career in 2022.

There are plenty of opportunities awaiting when you win Love Island—one of the biggest reality shows on TV. From lucrative sponsorship deals and #ads on Instagram to club night personal appearances and spots on other reality shows, there’s plenty to keep the ex-Islanders busy. But while his girlfriend Millie Court recently signed a huge deal to be the face of ASOS, Love Island 2021 winner Liam Reardon is going in another career direction.

Liam Reardon’s new career path

Speaking to The Sun, 22-year-old Liam said:

I loved being a brickie before winning Love Island so I want to go into the property business. I've started looking but will focus on the business in the New Year. I'll start off in Wales because the house prices are a lot cheaper there. Plus that's the area where I have all my mates in the same industry. There's an electrician, plumber, carpenter. They can all help and get involved in the business. My dad is in the property business too so can give me advice and help out. He's my inspiration for wanting to do it.

Liam and Millie’s new home

Despite his new career plans, Liam says he’ll be leaving the decorating of his own new home up to Millie. The couple recently started renting their first place together—a million-pound four-bed luxury flat in the Essex countryside. While the place is a rental, it is unfurnished, so they’ve got some work to do getting it ready to live in.

Moving to Essex with Millie was a big change for Liam, and he admitted he’s missing ‘the hills and mountains, the Welsh accents and the sheep’. However, he and Millie are set to spend Christmas in Wales, and it sounds like Liam will be back there a lot in his new property developing role!

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