Laura Anderson and Dane Bowers: The pair opens up about having trouble conceiving

Love Island 2018 runner-up Laura Anderson is hoping to start a family with partner Dane Bowers.

While she didn’t find lasting love with fellow Love Island runner-up Paul Knops, Laura Anderson now seems to have found her happily ever after with Another Level and Celebrity Big Brother star Dane Bowers. The couple got back together earlier this year after initially dating and splitting in 2018.

Laura Anderson and Dane Bowers trying for a baby

And it seems their relationship is very serious already. Appearing on Vicky Pattison’s The Secret To podcast this week, Laura revealed that she and Dane are trying for a baby. She said:

We started trying really quickly. I've been on the pill for years - just so long I was on the pill - and I thought 'do you know what, this probably is not that good for my body'. And I was just like 'should I just come off it and we won't 100% try'. But I got the app so I tracked when I'd be ovulating. And he was like 'if you're going to come off the pill we may as well track it and do it properly'. And I was like 'alright, OK'. He's like it will probably take ages.

However, she said the couple are having ‘some problems’ conceiving and are set to go to the doctors for tests before potentially considering IVF.

Laura Anderson and Dane Bowers’ relationship

Laura and Dane originally dated in 2018—before her stint on Love Island. However, she was left heartbroken when she discovered he was cheating on her and she and the other woman (who also thought she was his only girlfriend) confronted him and dumped him together. Laura and Dane then rekindled their romance this summer and now live in Dubai together.

Are Laura Anderson and Dane Bowers back together? Are Laura Anderson and Dane Bowers back together?