Justin Bieber Doesn't Look So Good And Its Making Fans Worry

Everything actually seems to be going quite well for Justin Bieber at the moment. He has overcome his depression and has recently been celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife Hailey. However, photos have recently appeared that are making his fans worry about him.

As well as his mental health problems, Justin Bieber has struggled with acne for a long time. But it seems like this is all in the past and behind him, and other photos have recently surfaced that seem to be pointing to another problem. According to The Daily Mail, the pop star was recently spotted with an IV in his arm.

Justin Bieber spotted with an IV tube

Paparazzi spotted the singer on the streets of Los Angeles with a pink bandage on his left forearm. But upon closer inspection, it appeared that the singer who sang ‘Baby’ had an IV tube in his arm.

From underneath the bandage, a thin plastic tube was connected to a bag which probably contained an IV drip. What medication Justin is taking and why he is even having treatment is currently unknown.

No statement so far from the singer himself

Justin’s fans are worried about their idol and even went on Twitter to ask for an update. Some people wrote things like, ‘Oh my God, is he okay? What does this mean?’ or even ‘That doesn’t look good. I hope it’s nothing serious.’

Other people think that Justin might have just been partying too hard the day before or is just becoming more and more eccentric.

Justin’s fans are even speculating about this on his Instagram account, but so far, the singer hasn’t revealed anything about what is going on. Lately, he seems to be enjoying posting pictures of animals and devoting his life to God.

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