‘It's Genetic’: Hailey Bieber Opens Up To Fans About Her Disorder
‘It's Genetic’: Hailey Bieber Opens Up To Fans About Her Disorder
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‘It's Genetic’: Hailey Bieber Opens Up To Fans About Her Disorder

Her followers have long suspected that something is wrong with Hailey Bieber and their suspicions have recently proved to be correct. Justin Bieber’s wife has recently opened up about her disorder on social media.

Lots of her female fans envy Hailey Bieber’s beauty and would love to look like Justin Bieber’s wife, the singer who recently spoke out about his mental state. But for a while, some of her followers had been noticing something in particular inHailey’s pictures, that suggested some kind of disorder.

The 23-year-old has finally put the rumours to rest

As a result, lots of rumours have been circulating on the internet. Fans have continuously been commenting under her photos that Justin’s wife has crooked fingers. They often make fun of her for this and ask what is wrong with her. When 23-year-old Hailey finally decided that she couldn’t stand this constant speculation any longer, she took a brave step and revealed the disorder that she is suffering from. In the caption accompanying a photo showing her crooked fingers, she wrote the following message:

‘Ok let’s get into the pinky conversation… because I’ve made fun of myself about this forever so I might as well just tell everyone why they’re so crooked and scary.’

Hailey posted a screenshot

In her Insta story, the model posted a screenshot of a Wikipedia entry that explained what exactly ectrodactyly is. This complicated-sounding term is used to describe a congenital disorder associated with the bones in the hands and feet. As Hailey explains to her fans: ‘It's genetic, I’ve had it my whole life.’

So the secret is finally out and Hailey is happy about that.

‘So people can stop asking me 'WTF is wrong with her pinky fingers’, here is what’s wrong!’ It should also be noted that Ms Bieber only has a mild form of this abnormality. Other people are unfortunately born with hands and feet that look like they have been completely mutilated.

By Lindsay Wilson

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