Hugh Jackman Opens Up About Devastating Childhood Tragedy

Hugh Jackman Opens Up About Devastating Childhood Tragedy

A mother is very important in a child’s life. Hugh Jackman unfortunately wasn’t lucky enough to have his mother by his side, since she abandoned him when he was only 8 years old.

Now at 50 years old, Hugh Jackman agreed to open up to the Hollywood Reporter, and started looking back on this dark period of his childhood: when he was abandoned by his mother. Judging from what he says, his mother could have stolen his innocence by making this serious and huge decision.

His parents immigrated from England to Australia with three children and his mother was pregnant at the time with her fourth child. The Wolverine star was born in Sydney, Australia and is the youngest of his parents' five children. He also has a younger half-sister from his mother's remarriage.

He told the Hollywood Reporter that his mother decided to leave them behind to go back to England.

‘My mother left us to go back to England. I was traumatized by her leaving, but it was more embarrassing to have to face others. Divorce wasn’t as common as it is today. Well, it wasn’t so unusual, but the fact that it was my mother who left her husband and children, that was the unusual thing for other people. I remember the feeling and it changed me, it’s contributed a lot to the man I am today.’

Childhood trauma

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The actor was very angry at the idea of being abandoned by his own mother and he only wanted one thing, for her to come back. It should be noted that she did come back, but only once a year to see her family. However, when he was 12 years old, he began to realize that his mother was definitely never coming back.

‘I realized that life isn’t like a Disney movie. That there weren’t always happy endings,’ he shared with the Hollywood Reporter. He therefore decided to draw on this rage when he took on his ferocious Wolverine character.

Hugh has since forgiven his mother for leaving him when he was a child, and the pair now see each other three or four times a year. 

Take a look at the video above for more from Hugh... 

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