Fans Are Convinced This Photo Proves Emma Watson And Tom Felton Are In A Relationship

Has Emma Watson fallen under the spell of her acting partner Tom Felton? Fans of the ‘Harry Potter’ saga are convinced of it!

From their first scene together in ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ to the eighth part of the saga, the two actors have never left each other’s sides. Best friends for life, it is not uncommon to see photos of Emma Watson and Tom Felton on their respective Instagram accounts. However, is this friendship changing?

A romantic photo

Emma Watson never hid her ‘crush’ on the Draco Malfoy actor. She had previously revealed that the young man was ‘the first boy she fell for.’ An attraction that Tom Felton denied knowing about... But maybe the situation is changing.

Fans of the two wizards very quickly detected a connection. Indeed, the two actors have been publishing more and more photos of themselves, together and all smiles! A photo on Tom Felton's Instagram account showed the possibility of the duo being in a relationship. On a sofa, side by side, the actor who played Draco Malfoy listens to Emma Watson play the guitar. A photo that seemed to be quite romantic!

A love spell

Still on Tom Felton's Instagram account a photo of him can be seen wearing a t-shirt with the words ‘Women do it better’ written on it. Although this photo and t-shirt are not particularly special, it is what is happening behind the camera that is interesting: the photographer is none other than Emma Watson.

Fans are on the alert to discover the first signs of romance between the two actors. What is certain is that all the nostalgic fans of the ‘Harry Potter’ saga would be delighted to know that their favourite actors have found love! They have already found a nickname for this potential new couple: ‘Dramione,’ a fusion of Draco and Hermione. Quite clever!

For more information, watch the video above!

Emma Watson had a huge crush on one of her Harry Potter co-stars Emma Watson had a huge crush on one of her Harry Potter co-stars