Emily Ratajkowski And Ashley Graham Posed Together In Two Very Tight Outfits

Emily Ratajkowski And Ashley Graham Posed Together In Two Very Tight Outfits

To promote her clothing brand, Emily Ratajkowski posed alongside Ashley Graham in a series of very cute photos.

Emily Ratajkowski and Ashley Graham are two business-oriented models! While the former recently received an award for her swimwear/homewear brand called Inamorata, the latter continues to lend her image by posing for the brand ‘Swimsuits for All’ which creates bikinis for all body types.

Emily Ratajkowski knows who to surround herself with to promote her brand! In fact, she regularly publishes photos of celebrities highlighting her products. So it was only natural that she called on her friend Ashley Graham to pose with her.

While they could have been satisfied with shots from photo shoots, the two top models decided to pose side by side. The mother-to-be was dressed in an pink tight-fitting heart-shaped coverall, while the Californian model who made a name for himself in the ‘Blurred Lines’ music video opted for an orange tank top dress with a gold belt.

A close friendship

Their friendship can be seen in this series of photos; Ashley Graham's pretty baby bump is highlighted, the arrival of this happy event was announced by her 4 weeks ago. On one of the photos, Emrata can be seen with her head on her friend's stomach.

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Scenes of friendship that have not failed to make the web react. Indeed, their two Instagram posts collected more than one million likes mentions between the two of them (560,000 likes on @ashleygraham and more than 506,000 on @emrata).

The models received a shower of compliments in the comments that highlighted the two. Aren't they beautiful?

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