Dr Alex George finally breaks silence after cheating scandal

After the news broke that Dr Alex George had been cheating on ex-girlfriend long before ending things with her, the former Islander has finally spoken out.

Over the weekend, the news outlet The Sun came out with exclusive reports detailing how Dr Alex George had been unfaithful throughout his relationship with ex-girlfriend Ellie Hecht.

Sexting while in a relationship

As it turns out, the health professional who serves as the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador within the Department for Education, had been sexting several woman while he was in a committed relationship. Although he claims he never had any physical contact with any of these other women and kept the cheating strictly virtual, a source closes to Hecht says she does not believe him. According to the insider:

Alex insisted he hadn’t slept with anyone else. Ellie is really struggling to believe him though because he was often away on work trips and messages showed him begging to meet girls in hotel rooms.

And added:

Alex cheated on Ellie very early on in their relationship but she chose to forgive him and move on. She has really been his rock during a very difficult time for him and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Dr Alex breaks his silence

Since the cheating scandal was made public, the NHS doctor most recently took to social media to make a rather cryptic statement indirectly addressing the controversy. In the Instagram story, he said:

It's wise not to judge situations that you do not understand. Just a Sunday thought.

Later, he added another story saying:

Tomorrow starts a new week. Let's have a positive few days ahead.
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