Demi Jones says she was accused of lying about cancer diagnosis

Love Island star Demi Jones was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last week—but has revealed she received trolling after sharing her diagnosis.

After sharing her diagnosis with fans last week, Demi appeared on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning to discuss how she’s dealing with the news. Whilst she’s received a wave of support from most of her followers, she’s had to face cruel trolls accusing her of lying about her diagnosis.

Demi Jones trolling

Speaking to hosts Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid, Demi revealed:

Even with my cancer, there were still nasty comments and things like that. Saying, 'Oh, she's lying, she's that'. And I just woke up and looked at Instagram and thought, 'That's ridiculous.' Unfortunately there are people out there like that.

But Demi isn’t allowing the trolls to get to her, saying:

I never respond to trolling on social media, it's not worth my time. I'me really strong about it anyway. I've always been like that. But it makes me sad—I'm not lying about this at all. It's a really serious thing—I don't want to be going through this.

‘Check for lumps’

On a more positive note, Demi shared that she has received a wave of support from both friends and fans online. She described the support as ‘amazing’ and told Bill and Susanna:

I had more messages when I had my surgery than when I came out of the villa.

She continued:

So many young girls have been messaging me saying they've booked appointments and they've chased up appointments because of me as well. So I thought, if I could just save one person's life or get young girls to check for lumps, regardless of your age, then that's just amazing to me.
Demi Jones: Former Islander says 'life will never be the same' following cancer battler Demi Jones: Former Islander says 'life will never be the same' following cancer battler