Danny Dyer: This is what the actor will be working on after EastEnders

Danny Dyer has finally revealed what his first project post EastEnders will be.

Danny Dyer played the role of Mick Carter since 2013. After nine years on Eastenders, he announced he would be leaving the soap opera to try his shot at different opportunities in the entertainment industry.

A further collaboration with daughter Dani

A source close to the actor has revealed that he will continue his collaboration with Love Island star daughter, Dani Dyer—who he has a weekly podcast with called Sorted With the Dyers. The 44-year-old will now be embarking on a new project with Dani in which the father-daughter duo will be seen exploring the world in an E4 travel programme series. The insider source said:

Nobody would have predicted this would have been his first move, even though he did say at the time he was keen to ‘try some other stuff’.

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Why he chose to leave EastEnders

Back in January, Danny Dyer had expressed his desire to leave the soap opera after coming to the realisation that he wanted to explore different avenues despite the risk he would be taking. In an interview explaining his decision, he said:

I am leaving EastEnders. I'm very lucky, I'm very grateful. When you're in a job like a soap your contract comes up for renewal and every time it has they've asked me to stay, and I'm very grateful for that. Because I've seen a lot of people come and go. It's very tough.

And added:

I always debate whether I want to sign again and I've been contemplating a while now about whether it's time to roll the dice, take the leap.There's no big story around it, really. Other than the fact I've decided to go off and try some other stuff. I'm 44 now, and I've had nine years of playing Mick and I think he needs to be rested.
Love Island’s Amy Day cracking on with ex-EastEnders star Love Island’s Amy Day cracking on with ex-EastEnders star