Dani Dyer shocked by spectators who chanted sex song about her during West Ham game

Football fans have created a new song to irritate Jarrod Bowen during the matches, and Dani Dyer is not pleased.

Earlier this year, rumours that Love Island starDani Dyer is cosying up with footballer Jarrod Bowen started spreading like wildfire. Since then, neither of the two have publicly confirmed or denied their relationship, but it looks like sports fans are already using their relationship to take a dig at Bowen while he’s playing for West Ham United.

Inappropriate chanting

According to The Sun, when West Ham played Tottenham on 25 October, the crowd started conjuring up a rather rude chant for the 24-year-old player. They sang:

Bowen's on fire and he’s sh***ing Dani Dyer.

Teasing him about his new love interest could be harmless, but the spectators might have taken it too far this time. In fact, a source revealed to The Sun that Dyer is quite uncomfortable with what took place in the stadium, especially given that her dad is a huge West Ham fan. They told The Sun:

Dani is really embarrassed about the whole thing. Her dad Danny is of course a huge West Ham fan so she hates the idea that he has to hear about her when he watches the games.
She understands Jarrod will get a bit of ribbing, but it’s too much when they are singing about her sex life.

Dani Dyer and Jarrod Bowen

Although the two have decided to stay mum on their alleged relationship, on 9 October The Sun did reveal that there was something going on between the two after they captured Bowen leaving Dyer’s house early in the morning. A source told the British tabloid:

She has been to hell and back in the last year and Jarrod has been a real support for her in recent weeks.
They started spending time together as just friends but as time as gone on they have grown closer and seem to be getting on really well.
Love Island's Dani Dyer is reportedly dating West Ham's Jarrod Bowen Love Island's Dani Dyer is reportedly dating West Ham's Jarrod Bowen