Coronavirus: Lady Gaga shares a heartwarming message on Instagram while on isolation

Lady Gaga is currently self-isolating and shared a very spiritual message with her followers. She says she spoke to God...

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people around the world, including celebrities, are doing their best to self-isolate. American singer Lady Gaga seems to be doing alright.

Currently isolating herself in her house with her dogs, the young woman took to Instagram to share a message of hope with her 39.8 million followers, urging them to do their best and stay positive to stop the spread of the virus.

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I’ve got a STUPID love💕

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While the beginning of her message is totally rational, well-meaning and makes sense, towards the end, it's a little funnier and gets very spiritual.

Trust me, I talked to God — she said we’re gonna be ok.

Lady Gaga's mystical message was liked more than a million times.

The singer and actress has a knack for making us smile and bringing us relief, rather than further worrying us about the current state of the world. So, who better than Lady Gaga to receive this comforting message from God almighty, who also happens to be a woman according to the American singer. A little humour can't hurt, especially right now.

Meanwhile, "To all the boys I've loved" actor Noah Centineo shared his phone number with fans so they can chat with him while practising social distancing. It's a different approach, but we're into it too!

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