Charlize Theron Is Unrecognisable With Her Shaved Head and Grimy Face

As a fan of physical transformations, Charlize Theron has unveiled some never before seen photos of her character ‘Imperator Furiosa’ from the last Mad Max film. Check out her shaved head and grimy face!

Charlize Theron Is Unrecognisable With Her Shaved Head and Grimy Face
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In order to celebrate 5 years since she played ‘Imperator Furiosa’ in Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron unveiled photos of herself taken behind the scenes.

Her long blonde hair is gone as the 44-year-old actress dared to chop everything off and have a shaved head. She posted this photo on her Instagram account some weeks ago, and the Dior model known for her angelic face is barely recognisable with her face covered in grime.

The American actress wrote in the photo’s caption:

5 years ago, Mad Max: Fury Road was released. As you know by now, it was a grueling, intense shoot but my god was it all worth it. Went back into the vault to find some of my favorite moments behind the scenes.

Charlize Theron’s transformations

The 44-year-old American actress is not shy when it comes to transforming her appearance for a role. Whether it's a bowl cut for the latest film in the Fast and Furious franchise, short hair, or radical changes when it comes to the colour of her hair, she's willing to try anything.

In fact, after shaving her head for her role in Mad Max, she said in an interview ‘Oh, it's nothing, it grows back.’ Despite her status as a global icon, the former South African model does not seem to attach much importance to her appearance. She can currently be seen in the Netflix film The Old Guard.

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