Britney Spears is free at last as 13-year conversation officially comes to an end

The conservatorship of Britney’s estate and of her person have both been terminated with some minor exceptions.

A court has terminated the legal arrangement that controlled many aspects of singer, Britney Spears’ life for the past 13 years. A judge in Los Angeles ordered an immediate end to the conservatorship set up by her father in 2008.

The Best Day Ever

The ‘Toxic’ singer shared the news with her 35 million followers on Instagram, saying:

I think I’m gonna cry.

Fans had gathered outside the court on Friday to support Spears, who has been fighting the conservatorship for years now. She has described the arrangement as abusive, but her father, who until September was appointed by the court to oversee her finances and life in general, said it was necessary and in the singer’s best interest.

Lawyers representing Jamie Spears said in earlier court filings:

Her life was in shambles and she was in physical, emotional, mental and financial distress.

The conservatorship was put in place in 2008 after the singer suffered a mental breakdown. The arrangement had power over her finances and career decisions, plus major personal matters, such as her visits with her teenage sons and whether she can get remarried.

I’m Only Human

LA County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny ruled in favour of the singer's request to end it. The request was not opposed by any of the parties involved.

Speaking after the ruling, Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart said:

What’s next for Britney, and this is the first time this could be said for about a decade, is up to one person: Britney. I’m so proud of her. I thank her for her courage and poise and power. She helped shine a light on conservatorships and guardianships from coast to coast.

As part of the ruling, Judge Penny said an accountant who served as a temporary conservator should retain some powers to settle ongoing financial issues.

On Monday, the singer wrote on Instagram that she had been praying for this more than anything in her life.

I know I've said some things on my Insta out of anger and I'm sorry but I'm only human... and I believe you'd feel the same way if you were me!
‘They should be in jail:’ Britney Spears speaks out about conservatorship ‘They should be in jail:’ Britney Spears speaks out about conservatorship