Britney Shows Off Her Stunning New Body Ahead Of Upcoming Tour
Britney Shows Off Her Stunning New Body Ahead Of Upcoming Tour
Britney Shows Off Her Stunning New Body Ahead Of Upcoming Tour
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Britney Shows Off Her Stunning New Body Ahead Of Upcoming Tour

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Britney Spears has claimed that she has been following a five-hour workout every day to tone up her pop star body in anticipation.

Britney Spears has wowed fans with her fitness routine. A few months ago, she published videos of her daily workouts on social media that showed her high intensity physical activities. They sometimes even included her 24 year old boyfriend, Sam Asghari. A source close to the star reported that Britney puts it all down to her boyfriend, who encourages her to work so hard.

“Britney has never been so happy, nor has she even eaten or looked after herself so well. Sam taught her to see the gym as something fun and managed to make sport an important part of her life”, says one of Britney’s close friends in an interview with Heat magazine.

“She wakes up at 7 in the morning, goes for a run, trains hard with weights and does Pilates, all in two hours. Then after lunch, she does two more hours in the gym with Sam, dancing and stretching. After dinner, she does yoga and one more hour of weight training”.

Piece of Me tour in America and Europe

The 36 year old popstar is about to start her Piece of Me tour, and is kicking off her first show at the MGM Nation Harbor on the 12th of July. After the tour was announced in America and Europe, tickets sold out quickly. Britney has also said that Pitbull will be accompanying her on her tour of Europe.

In addition, Britney has confirmed to her fans that her new work has the same pop approach that has always characterised her, but will also include new styles such as hip-hop. This is making her more motivated to stay in shape and to be at her absolute best during the tour. Many fans believed that they would never see Britney perform again like in her glory days. However, it seems like they are enjoying her new stuff, such as ‘Make-me’ ft. G-Eazy. She has also revealed that during the tour, she will be performing new songs for the first time.

“She knows that everyone will be watching her, and that’s why she wants to in the best physical and mental shape”, explained a member of Britney’s team. Training and general well-being have taken control of her life. Some of her frirnds are worried that she might have taken the idea of ‘fitness’ a little too far, but admit that she is much healthier than she used to be. “She’s so happy with her figure and will be ready to show off her stomach at every opportunity”.

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