Ashley Benson: The Pretty Little Liars Star Has A New Look!

Ashley Benson has a new hairstyle and it’s safe to say her fans are loving it!

A few weeks ago, Ashley Benson surprised all the followers on her official Instagram account when she posted a photo showing off her completely new look.

The time of the long blonde hair we were used to seeing when she played Hanna Marin in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is over. The 29-year-old actress now has a new, brown square-cut bob. The photo, which has received more than a million likes since it was posted, has really taken off online.

The young woman with 20.2 million followers amazed everyone just a few days ago Wednesday with this photo of her new hairstyle.

To reveal this transformation, Cara Delevingne’s partner posted a series of 5 photos, pulling faces in a couple of them, dressed in a simple, white camisole with a play on words in the caption: ‘The Bobson’.

The very next day, she uploaded another lovely photo, this time dressed in a yellow blazer. For this photo, she had swept her new bob to one side to give her new style more volume and texture. As for her eyebrows, Ashley Benson had combed them up which gave her more of a feline look.

On Instagram, she thanked stylist Marc Mena who was responsible for her new hairstyle. A favourite to the stars, this hairstylist regularly posts photos of his celebrity creations such as Madelaine Petsch, also known as Cheryl Blossom in the series Riverdale.

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