AOC reveals she is a sexual assault survivor

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently admitted she is a survivor of sexual assault during an important message about trauma.

Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently appeared on Instagram live, revealing past trauma and comparing all those trying to deflect blame for the riot to abusers.

‘I'm a survivor of sexual assault’

During her harrowing announcement, Ocasio-Cortez revealed that those in congress telling her to ‘get over’ the events of January 6th or even apologize were using ‘the same tactics of abusers.’ AOC continued to share with the world that she has also been a victim of sexual assault. The high profile congresswoman didn’t go into details but talked about how traumatic events can ‘compound each other:’

I'm a survivor of sexual assault. And I haven't told many people that in my life. But when we go through trauma, trauma compounds on each other.

Last week Ted Cruz agreed with Ocasio-Cortez on a policy matter which triggered a response from AOC who told him: ‘You almost had me murdered three weeks ago so you can sit this one out.’ In last night’s Instagram live AOC then turned to Texas Congressman Chip Roy who had asked her to apologize for what she said to Cruz, claiming ‘these are the tactics of abusers. Or rather, these are the tactics that abusers use.’ She continued:

And so when I see this happen, how I feel, how I felt was: 'Not again.' I'm not going to let this happen again. I'm not going to let it happen to me again. I'm not going to let it happen to the other people who've been victimised by this situation again. And I'm not going to let this happen to our country. We're not going to let it happen.

'Are they going to believe you?'

AOC went on to recount to her 150,000 viewers her experience during the Capitol coup last month, believing that she was going to die. She continued:

For so many people out there if you have experienced any sort of trauma, like just the fact of recognising that and admitting it is already a huge step. Especially in a world where people are constantly trying to tell you that you didn't experience what you experienced or that you're lying.

Congresswomen Ocasio-Cortez explained that trauma not only lies in the event but can also occur afterwards, with people ‘not believing you, or trying to publicly humiliate you, or trying to embarrass you.’ AOC also came prepared for criticism after relating her sexual assault to the riot saying ‘people are going to say that, 'Oh, she's just trying to make it about her:'

Those folks who are just trying to tell us to move on are just like pulling the page, they're using the same tactics of every other abuser who just tells you to move on. That man who touched you inappropriately at work, telling you to move on. Are they going to believe you?
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