Amber Gill speaks out about Jack Grealish rumours

Love Island star Amber Gill has taken to Instagram following rumours she’s been dating Jack Grealish.

Amber Gill speaks out about Jack Grealish rumours
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After The Sun ran a headline claiming that she’s been dating footballer Jack Grealish, Love Island winner Amber Gill has been faced with a wave of trolling online. The article quotes a ‘friend’ of Amber’s saying she was upset at reports Jack has also been dating actress Emily Atack, while he’s also thought to be in a relationship with his childhood sweetheart, influencer Sasha Attwood.

Amber Gill speaks out about Jack Grealish rumours

This week, Amber took to her Instagram story to slam the speculation, saying:

Any relationships that I've got going on or any dating get ruined immediately by people going 'This is who she's dating now' and I'm like 'Hold on, am I?'

She captioned the post:

You wanted to know who I was really dating. You'll never find out because of this kind of s**t everyday. Stop lying!

Over on Twitter, Amber has also liked two tweets from fans defending her following The Sun’s headline, one reading:

It’s too early for The Sun newspaper to be lying on @AmberRoseGill like this. How nasty of them. I hope she can sue them.

And the other responding to people criticizing Amber over the report saying:

The fact you are all laying into @AmberRoseGill like it’s true is hilarious it’s the sun guys wtf

Amber Gill dating history

Despite plenty of interest from her fans, Love Island 2019 winner Amber Gill has kept famously quiet about her romantic life since her split from Greg O’Shea shortly after they left the villa. Part of the reason may simply be because she's been living her best single life. But Amber also seems keen to avoid gossip - which is understandable. Back in January this year, she confirmed that she was ‘not single’ but refused to divulge any details about her new beau, other than that he was someone she knew before the coronavirus lockdown.