A Pregnant Cardi B Strips Down To Black To Show Off Her Moves

In a video recently shared online, a pregnant Cardi B showed off some pretty sexy dance moves as she rapped along to one of the tracks to her recent debut album Invasion of Privacy. Check the video and see it for yourself!

April has been a big month for the hottest female rapper in the game. Not only has Cardi B released her debut album Invasion of Privacy which has put up huge numbers and received rave reviews, the 25 year old from New York also revealed she’s working on a new project that she’ll be working on for about 9 months... a baby!

Hottest rapper on Earth

On Saturday Night Live in America, Cardi B revealed her baby bump for the very first time live on television. The baby, which she is expecting with fiancé Offset from Migos, is due for later this year.

Despite being pregnant, Cardi B has no intention of slowing down. Ahead of a performance at Coachella, she posted a video of herself in a slim black dress rehearsing to one of her own songs off the new album. Despite the baby belly, the rapper shows off some smooth and sexy dance moves.

Cardi B’s album is available on streaming platforms and in stores now!

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