A friend claims Heard faked her bruises in order to blackmail Johnny Depp

A friend who lived with the former couple and witnessed their turbulent marriage claims that Amber Heard faked her bruises in order to blackmail her now ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Movie star Johnny Depp has recently been enveloped in a court case against the Sun after an article published in 2018 branded the actor a 'wife beater'. The publisher claimed that they had hard evidence that Depp abused his then wife, Amber Heard 14 times between before their separation in 2017.

However, despite the overwhelming dramatic stories that have emerged since the start of the trial, claims of domestic abuse, drug and alcohol-induced rampages, affairs and even some defecation mishaps, it has been revealed that the photo evidence of Amber Heard's bruises may have been faked.

Isaac Baruch, Johnny Depp's childhood friend who also lived in the couple's LA penthouse apartment claims that the photo's of Heard's bruises are 'phoney baloney'. He stated:

She had filed a fraudulent domestic violence claim to push her hand and extort and blackmail him in the divorce.

One of the photos in question depicts Amber's face from the left side covered with red markings, indicating that she may have been hit.


But, despite the Actress' claims, Baruch revealed that he saw Heard the day after the incident supposedly occurred and he didn't see a single mark on her face:

I'm seeing all these phony-baloney pictures in People magazine – the Amish dress, these images, the whole narrative. But I saw her on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday without a mark. She wasn't wearing a speck of makeup and there was nothing on her face. I was a foot away from her and there was nothing. I didn't see a single bruise, redness, mark or red-tinted cellphone imprint. Nothing, not a thing.

The lawyer representing the Sun's publishers News Group Newspapers (NGN), Sasha Wass, instead framed Baruch as an unreliable witness on the basis that he reliant on Depp in his day to day life.

Wass brought to light that Baruch lived in the apartment rent free and that Depp, in fact, gave the artist tens of thousands of dollars a year for expenses. Wass also defended Heard and the Sun by claiming that she may have been covering up any traces of domestic abuse with makeup.

While it was true that Brauch was living off of Depp, he maintained that he saw the Aquaman actress four times over three days stating:

I saw no marks of any kind on either side of the face.

The Sun's lawyers have revealed that Johnny Depp and his team sent a notice to the company claiming that at least 20 images of Heard had been 'adapted or manipulated'.

Wass, in a counterclaim, directed attention at an audio recording of Heard telling her staff that she covered up her bruises to hide them from the public:

I hid it from everyone.

The hearing is resuming today and no doubt the photoshopping issue will be addressed this week after Judge Andrew Nicol has agreed to look into it.

Amber Heard’s friend claims the actress had a ‘threesome’ whilst married to Johnny Depp Amber Heard’s friend claims the actress had a ‘threesome’ whilst married to Johnny Depp