Weeks After His Rescue, This Stray Kitten's Transformation Is Incredible (WATCH)

He was found, abandoned and alone on the side of the road in Florida. They weren't sure that he'd be able to survive but they picked him up and gave him a name nonetheless. Today, the cat named Silas is absolutely unrecognisable and has even found fame online...

Silas the cat is now an Instagram star, with tens of thousands of followers. Yet life for this small, thick-haired, playful-looking feline has not always been easy.

Once a stray kitten facing a certain death, he owes his survival only to his new family, who picked him up from the side of a road in Florida. Now happy in his new home, the little cat shares his time between the family pool and his Instagram account, where he gains more and more followers by the day.

Check the video above to see the incredible transformation!

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