Coby Is The Most Beautiful Cat In The World Thanks To His Incredible Eyes

Do you know Coby? This immaculate white cat with dazzling blue eyes is considered the most beautiful in the world.

Coby is a white British Shorthair. It's his piercing eyes that have earned him an adorable image on social networks. He has an Instagram page and a Facebook page.

A rapid ascent

Coby appeared on social media in June 2015. In just a few months, he was followed by nearly 280,000 people on Instagram and 3,000 people on Facebook. His Instagram page describes him as a calm cat with a personality that lives up to the beauty of his eyes. The cat also explains "I like tuna, stealing blankets and playing with my duck."

Fun photos

We don't really know where Coby lives and who his owners are, but we know they love to take pics. We see him reading, in pirate clothes, pajamas, and even with a glass of champagne to celebrate the new year. Still, he remains beautiful in all circumstances!

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