This Fitness Influencer Decided to Gain 30lbs in a Fight Against Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Diets and glaring weight loss are very popular on Instagram. And users often get a kick out of seeing such stark physical transformations take place in such a short space of time. This fitness influencer Stephanie Buttermore is doing just the opposite. Within two months, she has gained 30lbs of fat…

Instagram is THE platform for showing off your body. However, putting your body on display like this can be a problem, as is proved by the increasing number of young people going on diets earlier and earlier and starving themselves in order to achieve that idea of what perfect beauty is.

More and more influencers are starting to rethink this and criticise the endless photos of women posing in bikinis. However, body transformations of people going from thick to thin are still very popular and can turn the most unknown wallflowers into real beauties.

Fitness influencer takes a stand against beauty standards

The fitness influencer Stephanie Buttermore wanted to take a stand against this issue. For years, her perfectly trained body had been her sole focus - her whole life revolved around achieving and maintaining it.

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Yes, I get bloated... and no, I’m not pregnant 🙃 . I posted these bloated pics on my story and the response really motivated me to post these on my page because people genuinely think they are the only ones, and maybe if the see it more often scrolling through their feed, it would probably normalize it 🤔 It doesn’t happen to me every night, but it’s really common. . And these photos actually has nothing to do with being “all in” because EVERYONE gets bloated. After a full day of eating food, drinking water, sodium, time of month etc. this happens to a lot of people by the end of the day and I think it’s perfectly normal. . I know I’m not necessarily the poster child for this phenomenon, as I’ve gained 37 lbs at this point, but I think there’s still an obvious difference from morning to night. And in a way, being “all In” has made me bold enough to post this side-by-side simply because I feel comfortable enough to show you guys ANYTHING! And that’s a beautiful feeling #thisisreallife

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Recently, she decided that she didn’t want to submit herself to these rules and fitness routines as strictly anymore. So, she stopped working out as much and stopped allowing herself to be hungry.

She explained on Instagram how she was never full, and whenever she ate a meal, she became accustomed to stopping eating when she was 50 or 60 per cent full.

A shockingly quick transformation

The result is astonishing. After two months, the incredibly toned, lean and fir girl became almost unrecognisable. She gained 30lbs and her shapely body has now become more of what we consider 'normal'.

On social media, most of her followers and her community have responded positively to her transformation. However, she isn’t the first influencer to break away from the world of fitness, as German influencer Sophia Thiel did when she took a step back from social media – but Stephanie Buttermore’s adjustment could set a good example for her young followers.

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