The Benefits Of Using Borage Oil For Hair And Skin

Borage oil has many wonderful properties that will improve the condition of your skin and hair especially during the harsh winter months. Watch our video to learn more about this miraculous product.

The Benefits Of Using Borage Oil

1. Borage is a great beauty product: Borage oil has been known since ancient times for its many beauty benefits. The borage plant still very present in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries where it is cultivated for its seeds, oil, and leaves. The fatty acids present in its oil have made it a must for cosmetics. This is why it is found in many skincare and hair care products.

2. The benefits of borage oil on the skin: Borage oil has many excellent properties for the skin, especially to prevent or reduce stretch marks. Its richness in linoleic acid allows the skin to regain or retain its elasticity. This means that it helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and delays the skin-aging process. Its very high content of gamma-linolenic acids makes it a very good ally for mature skin. If you want to increase the moisturising and stimulating power of your day and night creams then simply add a few drops of borage oil. It will also activate the hydration of your skin which helps maintain smooth skin and renews the cells. Borage oil is also a key ingredient found in anti-aging products.

3. The benefits of borage oil on sensitive skin: If your skin is tight and gets red quickly in cold weather then you may have sensitive skin. Borage oil is frequently used to treat and soothe sensitive skin. Rich in omega-6, it calms and repairs any irritations caused by external aggressions whilst also having anti-inflammatory properties. If you are already treating your sensitive skin then you can add a few drops of borage oil to your usual products. You can also use pure borage oil and apply it on your face by gently massaging with your fingers. Borage oil will help relieve any itchiness caused by your sensitive skin.

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