The Benefits Of Using Apricot Oil

Would you like to have silky hair and glowing skin? Ohmymag brings you all the secrets of apricot oil - a miraculous natural ingredient for your hair and skin!

The Benefits Of Using Apricot Oil

1. Properties: Produced by cold pressing apricot stones, apricot oil is particularly recommended for the body, the face and the hair to provide nourishing, in-depth care. Apricot oil is essentially composed of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids and it is these fatty acids that make it an exceptional oil for an anti-aging effect on cells. Rich in vitamins A and E, it is an excellent source of antioxidants which prevents premature aging of cells. Its concentration in phytosterols means that apricot oil stimulates micro-circulation which helps your skin glow.

2. Uses: It can be used purely on it's own or it can be mixed with your day cream, body cream or shampoo.

-For the face: Apricot oil and its natural assets are known to give a real boost to the skin. Illuminating, regenerating, and revitalising, it is a perfect anti-aging treatment to complement your usual face routine. It provides plenty of moisturising benefits and will bring suppleness to the driest skin without making it feel greasy.

-For the body: Add a few drops of apricot oil to your usual body cream to enjoy its invigorating properties. Apricot oil's active ingredients help restore flexibility to flabby skin, fight against stretch marks, and reduce cellulite. Massage the apricot oil into the driest areas of the body such as the elbows, knees, and feet for a super soft feel.

-For the hair: You can use it as an overnight mask or as an extra step before shampooing. Apricot oil restores brilliance and shine to dull hair - you can use it alone or add it to your usual hair mask. It adapts to all types of hair but is particularly good for dry hair.

3. Cost: Pure organic apricot oil will cost around £6.50 per 100ml. Whilst this might seem expensive, you'll only need to use a few drops per day to reap the benefits of this wonderful oil.

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