Everything You Need To Know About Tantric Massages
Everything You Need To Know About Tantric Massages

Everything You Need To Know About Tantric Massages

Tantric massage is a sensual ritual taught in tantras, esoteric sacred books. Ohmymag shares with you all there is to know about tantric massages!

Everything You Need To Know About Tantric Massages

1. Secrets: Tantric massage is a centuries-old practice from Hindu philosophy. This particular massage is inspired by millennial traditions, especially Chinese and Indian. It differs from classical massage in its eroticism.

It is an excellent way to become more in tune with your body and that of your partner and it can help boost libido. The first objective is the consciousness of the body being approached in a spiritual dimension. Tantric massage is practiced, as a rule, totally naked. The tantric massage is mainly done on the floor on a tatami or futon, with the use of essential oils that are conducive to relaxation and sensuality.

2. Techniques: Tantric massage is practiced mainly between partners. Unlike other forms of massage (Californian, Ayurvedic, etc.), there are no specific actions to perform to practice it. It is about making great movements of connection between all the parts of the body, but also touches on the 7 chakras (these are the points of energy). The ideal movements are kneading, light pressure, and stroking. It's all about sweetness and slowness!

For the massage to be really effective, it is indeed essential to take the time to turn your partner on. In theory, the sexual zone is not excluded from the massage, but it is only necessary to touch it from time to time and slightly. All of the erogenous zones are important in tantric massage.

3. Benefits: The benefits of tantric massage are many, starting with a deep relaxation. This massage can really unlock the emotions. It turns into a really sensual moment between two people, far from the routine of everyday life. It allows you to approach your sex life in a new way.

Tantric massage can work wonders on a low libido. It can also save couples in crisis, helping them to desire each other again. Being naked during the massage also allows you to reclaim your body, gaining self confidence, and controlling it. Don't forget that a good atmosphere and a good bottle of massage oil are absolutely essential.

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