Ancient sex toy discovered by archaeologists in Poland (PHOTOS)

In Gdansk, northern Poland, archaeologists have found a phallic-shaped object, undoubtedly used for pleasure purposes.

Sex toys are not a new invention. Centuries ago, some of our ancestors were already fulfilling their desires with sex toys. The proof is in this black-clad dildo, unearthed by archaeologists in the centre of Gdansk, Poland, in 2015.

A velvet sex toy

The penis-shaped object leaves no doubt about its purpose. It is indeed an artificial phallus that archaeologists have discovered in the latrines of an archaeological site in Gdansk. Interestingly, the black dildo-like object is made of velvet, unlike other previously-found, centuries-old sex toys that were made of glass or bones. According to Science in Poland, the Museum in Gdansk said in a statement:

It is entirely filled with animal hair. The head was made of fabric (velvet), which was probably intended to enhance the erotic experience.

Indeed, after its restoration, the institution inherited the curious object and dedicated a prominent place to it, near the entrance of the museum.

Dildos have been around for centuries

Although they have become particularly popular in recent decades, sex toys are in fact very old. Originally, this discovery was made in 2015 and it's not the first time that researchers have come across one of these objects of pleasure. And clearly, people already knew how to please themselves in ancient times, as the Museum points out:

The first written mention of artificial leather penises dates back to ancient Greece. The city of Miletus was not only a cultural and economic centre but also a famous place for the manufacture and sale of artificial phalluses.
The Greeks used them as objects of pleasure, which they called olisbos. These objects were made of stone, wood and tanned leather.

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