Platinum Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Platinum Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Platinum Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you're coming up to the amazing feat of 70 years of marriage, you'll soon be celebrating your platinum wedding anniversary. With Ohmymag, you'll find celebration and gift ideas to make it a truly special event.

1. 70 years of marriage: The celebration of 70 years of marriage is known as the platinum wedding anniversary. This precious metal which is at once hard-wearing and malleable is the perfect symbol of the 70 years you and your spouse have spent together. Your love has grown from strength to strength over 70 years. It must be a fairy tale.

Platinum represents your strength in overcoming the ups and downs of life and moving forward hand in hand. And it is also the embodiment of the flexibility and understanding it takes to build such a lasting love. Like the love you have for each other, platinum lasts a lifetime.

2. How to celebrate 70 years of marriage: All the memories of your 70 years of marriage can be a part of your platinum wedding celebrations. Think of all the great moments that you wish to evoke. There must be so many! Choose the most beautiful and the most striking and write a little anecdote about each of them. Decorate them with photos or small keepsakes that you have treasured.

Let all of your loved ones know about the event well in advance to be sure that they are with you on the big day. Get all the family to help! The youngest can contact everyone on the Internet or order invitations, or make a photo montage that can be broadcast on screen.

You might want to consider renewing your wedding vows, which is always an emotional and moving ceremony, especially for a platinum wedding anniversary.

If you'd prefer not to have a big party, then a candlelit dinner for two in a place that is meaningful to you, can also be an idea to celebrate your 70th wedding anniversary.

3. Gift ideas for 70 years of marriage: Giving your partner something made from platinum, such as a piece of platinum jewellery, is obviously the ideal gift to celebrate 70 years of marriage. But platinum is a metal that can be quite expensive. If platinum is out of your price range, opt for another metal, preferably silver or white gold that is reminiscent of the colour of platinum.

An alternative gift idea would be to write 70 love notes for your partner to discover each morning to celebrate the love and happiness you still share together after all these years.

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