How To Celebrate Your 80th Anniversary
How To Celebrate Your 80th Anniversary

How To Celebrate Your 80th Wedding Anniversary

An 80th wedding anniversary is a truly remarkable feat which is very rarely achieved. So, it's important that it's celebrated properly! Ohmymag brings you everything you need to prepare for an oak wedding anniversary.

1. 80 years of marriage: It is the majestic oak tree which symbolises a marriage of exceptional longevity. 80 years of marriage is an impressive feat that deserves to be duly celebrated. It is the proof that true love can defy time and resist the wear and tear of everyday life.

Like the oak tree, your union has strong, resistant roots. Oak also represents wisdom and longevity. It was sacred to the Romans and the Celts who associated it with bravery, strength, stamina and virility. A union that has lasted eight long decades can only be exceptional, just like this majestic tree.

The durability of the bond that unites you inspires respect and admiration in others. A source of hope for romantics who dream of love lasting forever and always. To deeply love one and the same person for life, to be happy until the end ... what could be more wonderful?

2. How to celebrate 80 years of marriage: Make this remarkable anniversary a day to remember. The best way to celebrate the oak wedding anniversary is to organize a memorable ceremony. Take the opportunity to surround yourself with the people most precious to you. Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be delighted to celebrate the strength of your lasting love. After all, they are all the result of your 80 years of life together.

Why not trace your beautiful love story with a photo or video montage to immortalise your special moments? Take the opportunity to look back with pride and emotion on memories of a life spent hand in hand.

Plant a tree in a garden, forest or any other place dear to you, if possible. It is a strong and symbolic gesture. Why not a majestic and resistant oak tree?

3. Gift ideas for 80 years of marriage: The oak anniversary is an occasion to honour an exceptional union. Take stock of how lucky this couple are to have found each other. This is the most wonderful gift! Their love has gone through generations.

If you're a family member of this extraordinary couple, why not present them with a family tree. This is an excellent idea to allow them to discover the history of their ancestors.

To reach an 80th anniversary, rarely achieved, both spouses must be a hundred years old. The best gift you can give them is simply your time! Often, we are so focused on our daily troubles, that we forget what is most important in our lives - love! And what better gift than presence and attention?

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