How To Celebrate Your 15th Wedding Anniversary

Are you crossing the 15-year marriage mark and celebrating your crystal wedding anniversary? Ohmymag is full of ideas to celebrate 15 beautiful years of love.

15 years of marriage: The crystal wedding refers to the precious glass rich in lead oxide, with very special properties. It was in England in the seventeenth century that this natural mineral was discovered by chance.

Fine, radiant, with absolute transparency, the crystal is a symbol of purity and beauty. It is associated with prestige and elegance. Not only does it capture the light in a particular way, but it is also characterised by a very special sound. It represents the brilliance and nobility of your union. A precious love like yours, which has shone for fifteen long years, can only be pure and authentic.

Crystal is also fragile and delicate, but it is not in this sense that we must understand its association with your 15 years of marriage. Indeed, after so many years together, your love is crystal clear. Your other-half can read you like an open book. Crystal therefore makes us think of the essential transparency in any long-term relationship. In short, this noble and refined mineral is an ode to purity and transparency.

How to celebrate 15 years of marriage: To celebrate your 15 years of marriage properly, organise an informal ceremony with your loved ones. It's an opportunity to relive the excitement and emotions that accompanied the day of your wedding.

Want to get away? Give yourselves a second honeymoon. For this romantic trip, the perfect destination is Prague! The fascinating and poetic city has always been associated with Bohemian crystal, which has a reputation that is second to none. Stroll through its hidden streets, admire its ultra-photogenic houses and enjoy the many theatres. Best of all, you can take the opportunity to visit a crystal factory and discover the manufacturing process of this luxury product.

Gift ideas for your crystal anniversary: Your crystal wedding anniversary is an excellent opportunity to invest in a unique and lasting gift: a crystal artwork. Jewellery remains a timeless, romantic gift that is always appreciated. Though, it doesn't have to be all about crystals. Gemstones such as ruby, garnet, and alexandrite hold symbolic significance in 15 years of marriage, with the traditional colour of the occasion being red. A choice of these gemstones can also be incorporated into jewellery as a loving and thoughtful gift, made to last in the most meaningful way.

On a small budget? Vase, candlesticks, figurines, champagne flutes or decanters will make sumptuous presents, elegant and refined to perfection. A love letter can never go amiss - be funny, poetic, moving. Let your heart and your imagination speak to find the right words. This exercise may be new to you, but the result is worth it. And then unlike a text, the letter is a beautiful keepsake for your other half.

Finally, flowers remain the most romantic aspect of anniversary traditions, especially when it comes to celebrating 15 years of love. The crystal anniversary sports a classic red rose, representative of passion and abiding love. This sensual and opulent flower earns its place as a marker of deep running love, where each partner knows their other half better than ever before. Take the time to congratulate each other on this wonderful milestone and look forward to the years that are yet to come.

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