This Is Why Owning A Dog Could Help You Live Longer

Having a dog is good for your health, according to science! Check out the video above for the full details.

Faithful and affectionate, dogs are not considered man's best friend for nothing! And for good reason, having a dog could be beneficial for your health. Read on to find out more!

A recent study published in Scientific Reports states that dog owners are in very good health! The risk of cardiovascular mortality is reduced by 36%. The reason? Having a dog forces their owner to go out for regular and long walks, which is great for the heart!

It is also an excellent way to be less sedentary and engage in a fitness activity like running: you'll be doing good to your own body, and to your pet's! What better fitness motivation could there possibly be?

In addition, dogs have real anti-stress powers! Interaction with an animal reduces the levels of cortisol, thus reducing the risk of stress in humans. Better than a yoga session! So, are you ready to adopt a new four-legged friend?

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