This dog was so malnourished it ‘could have eaten the tip of her tail’

An emaciated dog covered in lesions was rescued from neglect and possible death. Its owner was sentenced to a 12-month community sentence and banned from owning a pet for three years.

RSPCA has come across another horrific case of animal cruelty. ‘Neglect’ and ‘insufficient care’ by the owner lead to a dog, a two-year-old lurcher/whippet cross Poppy, becoming emaciated. The pet was covered in lesion and had a large abscess on its back. It was showing signs of disorientation and wobbliness and was extremely underweight.

‘Could have eaten the tip of her tail due to extreme hunger'

A vet who examined her first said she could have eaten the tip of her tail due to extreme hunger.

Poppy had no underlying health issues before.

Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

Another professional stated:

I have no doubt that Poppy experienced unnecessary suffering, as a consequence of her owner's neglect and insufficient care. Suffering in this case could easily be avoided by providing adequate nutrition and veterinary care.

‘The light has really come back into her eyes’

Luckily, Alsager Animals in Need took Poppy into care. There was fear she might not survive the night, but the resilient animal surprised everyone by making a recovery.

Lisa Williams, assistant animal co-ordinator at the charity, said:

We were very concerned that Poppy wouldn't make it through the night when she first came into our care, and she's battled several other health issues since...But throughout all of this, she's been the perfect patient and never complained once. The light has really come back into her eyes and her loving temperament wins over everyone who meets her. She loves being stroked and fussed, she's just a real sweetheart.

Poppy is now looking for a loving ‘forever home’.

Community service, ban from owning pets and a fine

Despite Poppy's owner insisting the dog was well fed and blaming missing vet appointments on the financial difficulties, the woman was prosecuted and sentenced to 12-month community service and banned from owning pets for three years. She was also ordered to pay £600 in costs. Two other dogs she owned are being rehomed.

Speaking after the case, RSPCA Inspector Natalie Perehovsky said:

It was clear from Poppy's grave condition that she had not been receiving appropriate care for some time. We would always urge people who are in financial difficulty to reach out for help as there are many organisations that can offer support.

Head to RSPCA's website to learn more about the charity and support their vital animal welfare and rescue work.

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