Never Throw Away Your Cat’s Fur! Here Is Weird Reason Why…

Never Throw Away Your Cat’s Fur! Here Is Weird Reason Why…

Did you know that the bits of hair you get in your brush after you groom your cat for a while can have another use. In fact, quite an unexpected use and you can check out the video to find out more!

Hidden use

Once you’ve managed to trap and groom your cat for a while, you’ll undoubtedly gather up all the dead fur and immediately throw it in the bin. But don’t! It’s a big mistake and here at Best Friends, we will explain why…

Collect it

Surprising, we know, but gathering up the loose fur can be quite useful for a completely different animal other than your cat. An animal that is often considered a potential prey for your domestic feline: birds.

Building their nest

During breeding season, birds are always looking for soft and resilient materials that they can use to build their nest for their eggs. And so, your cat’s dead fur is actually particularly useful to our flying friends…

Offer it

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So, once you’ve gathered all the fur up from your cat, leave the tufts of hair in sight for the birds, maybe on tree branches or pegged to your outside washing line… They birds will be able to take it from there.

Check out the video to find out more! 

Anna Wilkins
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