Mysterious chicken with two buttocks and four feet found in Thailand

On July 19, 2022, a Thai farmer rose to fame after revealing a four-legged chicken. An unusual discovery that created a real buzz on the web.

In the province of Nong Khai located in the north of Thailand, an astonishing chicken has hit the headlines. An extremely rare phenomenon which proves that nature still has surprising discoveries in store for us.

A lucky hen?

The backyard of this farmer from northeast Thailand is anything but ordinary. As per Thaiger, He bought 1000 chickens to spread his chicken coop, but he had no idea that one chicken in this batch would make him world-famous.

Ever since the news of this unusual chicken spread, the farmer has been bombarded with requests from visitors to see it. The legends around the four-legged chicken say that it has the power to make you luckyenough to win lotteries. A funny belief that makes this little chicken famous! The proud owner of this local celebrity said:

I have been raising laying hens for 15 years, I had never seen a hen with four legs and two buttocks.

An unusual but not unprecedented phenomenon!

Human-faced fish, two-headed kitten … there have been cases of unusually structured animals before. The Nong Khai chicken has left many flabbergasted, however, it is not the only four-legged poultry discovered on the continent. In the province of Shangdong, a farmer also made this astonishing discovery. However, he met a sad fate as he was cooked by its owner because he had double the number of drumsticks.

Since then, other such specimens have been recorded in India and China. Scientists have shared that these animals suffer from a condition called ‘polymelia’, which is a birth defect in which the born organism has more than the required number of limbs.

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