How To Feed Your Family For Less Than £40 A Week

How To Feed Your Family For Less Than £40 A Week

There is a woman who is known as 'the queen of the budget' on the internet. Why? She feeds her family for less than £40 a week. Watch our video to see her clever trick!

The Details

30-year-old mum Danielle Ross is a real budget genius but how does she do it all? It's no secret, she uses a lot of vouchers and coupons and only buys supermarket own-brand products from Aldi and Lidl.

Danielle has over 22,000 followers on Facebook and continues to spark interests on budgeting. What does her husband think of all this? Well, he's part of the money-saving process too! Her husband will not eat out at any restaurants and he insists on taking a packed lunch to work everyday. With her clever idea, Danielle Ross saves over £350 per month on her shopping. If you are sceptical about this, Danielle even shared her receipts, which fed five people and a dog!

• Will Armstrong
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