These 'Hybrid' Zara Trousers Will Slim Your Figure And Go With Everything

These 'Hybrid' Zara Trousers Will Slim Your Figure And Go With Everything

Neither jeans nor classic leggings... Zara has found the perfect trousers to slim your figure and complete any look! With a 'push-up' effect, they're incredibly flattering and super comfortable - the ideal wardrobe staple for any occasion!

Zara's latest fashion sensation has opted to mix leggings with high-waisted jeans, creatings a "hybrid" design that combines the best of the two formulas: the comfort of leggings and the style of high-waisted jeans.

These Hi-Rise Super Stretch Jeggings are an essential wardrobe staple whatever your daily style: they're super comfortable, go with everything and can complete the perfect outfit for any occasion, from getting dressed to go to the office or dressing up for drinks with friends .

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The best thing of all is the price, as these Zara jeggings cost just £19.99! Black is the most basic model but it is not the only one, there are many different designs to choose from: black and red checks, grey and white checks or the elegant houndstooth, which is available in black and white for those who prefer a classic look or in red and black for the most daring rock chicks out there. 

Check out the video above to see just how flattering and fashionable these jeggings are!

Daisy Jones
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