This Little Sloth Needed To Be Rescued By The Police
This Little Sloth Needed To Be Rescued By The Police
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This Little Sloth Needed To Be Rescued By The Police

In Ecuador, local police were called out to a highway and once they arrived, they were amazed to find a little animal that needed their help.

Let’s face it, is there anything cuter than sloths? These small jungle creatures are so cute and we are all jealous of their laziness. In fact, they move at a speed of just 2 km/h. But this little sloth in Ecuador clearly underestimated its own laziness when it triggered a full-blown police operation.

Triggering a police operation

This animal had tried to cross a busy highway, but what it didn’t take into account is that the human world moves a lot faster than the sloth world. Miraculously, the little creature managed to make it across the first half of the road in one piece before fearfully grabbing hold of a post separating the two roads and refusing to let go.

Passing motorists called the police who immediately turned up in a patrol car to free the animal from its predicament. They managed to convince the sloth to let go of the post and took it straight to the veterinarian.

Out of the woods

The police station then took to Facebook to reveal that the little creature was absolutely fine and completely unharmed! They immediately returned the sloth to its natural habitat, the jungle and we bet it won’t try to cross a road like that again anytime soon! The officers won’t be forgetting this call so quickly, after all, when was the last time you were called to go save a sloth?

Animals are constantly finding themselves in situations that they can’t get themselves out of. Just like this donkey for example, and its incredible response to being rescued.

By Lindsay Wilson

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