A lioness stumbles upon an injured fox and her reaction will shock you

A wild lioness finds an injured fox laying at the side of the road. Trust us, her reaction will surprise you. Watch our video to see exactly how she reacted...

A Lioness Stumbles Upon an Injured Fox and Her Reaction Will Shock You
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Wildlife doesn't always have to be scary

Wildlife is such a beautiful thing and not every predator is completely ruthless and dangerous. In fact, we have seen a lot of heartwarming examples of wildlife and humans getting along.

Remember that time, Sirga, a lioness embraces her beloved owner? It's true what they say—love knows no boundaries. This story is yet another example of that.

A lioness with a big heart

One day, a wild lioness discovered an injured fox on the side of the road and her maternal instincts immediately kicked in. She decided to defy the laws of nature and protect the fox.

The father of the lioness' cubs was not too far away, and he was clearly hungry. The lioness decided to protect the fox from the lion. She knew the lion wouldn't think twice before making the injured fox his dinner. Thankfully, the lioness had something else in mind...

Check out the video above to see the lioness' incredible reaction to the injured fox!