This Simple Exercise Will Improve Your Flexibility and Can Increase Your Life Expectancy

A daily exercise to increase flexibility!

Test your flexibility
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Test your flexibility

A flexible person will always find it easier doing sport and exercise, as they will be able to perform more movements and their joints will be stronger. In addition, in everyday life, they will be able to easily perform more common gestures than a person whose body is more rigid. Picking up an object off the ground, lifting things... things that may cause injuries if you make a wrong move.

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Having a flexible body also goes hand in hand with flexible arteries, which are an important factor for reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Finally, flexibility helps maintain good posture and therefore, prevents back problems.

How can you increase flexibility?

To become more flexible, there is a simple exercise you can perform. If you practice it daily, in the evening or when you wake up, for example, you will see results very quickly.

Start by testing your flexibility. With your legs parallel to your pelvis, bring your hands to the ground, keeping your back straight. The closer your back is to your legs, the more flexible you are. Conversely, if this position seems uncomfortable or you feel the need to bend your legs, it means that you are able to, and should also work to improve your flexibility.

Practice this exercise every day, taking your time and breathing.After a month, you will quickly see the benefits.

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