This Woman Has A VERY Unconventional Health And Beauty Secret

This Woman Has A VERY Unconventional Health And Beauty Secret

Young Brit Tracy Kiss has revealed how her health has improved since she started adding a secret ingredient to her drink every morning. She says she has better skin and is no longer sick because of it… check out the video to find out just what she's doing!

Tracy Kiss is a 31-year-old health coach, who decided to share her beauty secrets on her Instagram account. So far, nothing strange. But here it is, the young English girl revealed her beauty secret for perfect skin, fantastic health, and incredible energy levels.

Tracy said on her Youtube channel "thebaddiehouse": "I felt exhausted and had no energy, but now I'm full of life, and my health has improved."

The mystery ingredient

Tracy filmed a video on YouTube where she talks about her unusual remedy. And this ingredient is semen! Yes ! She explains: "Sperm is a great product and we should stop being ridiculous about it ... the health benefits have been well documented and more women and men should benefit, because it’s made by our own body and contains (...) no 'chemicals'."

The young mother of two shares her morning routine: as a face mask, the she mixes egg whites, lavender oil and sperm! After applying it for 15 minutes, she washes her face. She makes this mask three times a week.


In any case, Dr. Carol Cooper is very sceptical. She says, "There is no scientific proof that sperm will prevent flu, and depending on where the sperm comes from, you could get infected with viruses like HIV (AIDS).

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She continues: "Sperm contains a lot of zinc compared to other bodily fluids, but not in relation to some foods."

Find the recipe for this "delicious" concoction in the video above!

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