She Hasn't Brushed Her Teeth In 10 Years And This Is What They Look Like Now

She Hasn't Brushed Her Teeth In 10 Years And This Is What They Look Like Now

Alice Kid distrusts oral hygiene products and believes that her health will improve by staying away from toothpaste.

There are many people who do not clean their teeth correctly according to the dentists' recommendations or do not do it as often as they should. What's alarming is that there are many others who have decided not to wash them ever, either out of neglect and bad habits, or distrust of oral hygiene products.

It's been 10 years since Alice Kid decided not to brush her teeth anymore. In an interview with The Sun, the young woman recognized that it was difficult for her to confess because oral hygiene is one of those taboo subjects that nobody is supposed to talk about.

Alice is convinced that she has perfect teeth and no breath issues because her boyfriend has never made any comments about it. Even though she doesn't brush her teeth, she goes to the dentist once a year to get checked. Although he never says anything about brushing, her dentist does tell her she should floss and removes the buildup of plaque every time she goes.

Alice is convinced that not brushing your teeth is good for your health and she isn't the only one. In reality, many believe that they are able to maintain good oral hygiene and have their reasons to believe so.

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Image: The Sun

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